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Support export and transfer of Japanese medical institutions

Summary For those medical institutions, public institutions, and medical-related companies, we support the export and transfer of medical institutions in Japan.
Target customers
  • Medical institutions
  • Public institutions
  • Medical related company
Transfer exports
  • General Hospital
  • Specialized hospital (cancer, diabetes ect..)
  • Newest medical technology in Japan (regenerative medicine,  particle radiation ect..)
  • Dispatch japanese medical specialist, hospital administrators
Type of export and transfer
  • Startup new hospital
  • Renovation of existing local hospital
  • partnership with Japanese medical institutions
  • Transfer of some medical services to the local hospital
  • Dispatch of personnel, such as a hospital administrator,medical specialist
Target countries Countries without export restrictions
Support export and transfer of Japanese medical institutions(Example::Startup new hospital)
Conduct a field survey in the target countries.
  • ⇒Interviews with local medical personnel
  • ⇒Research needs in the field
  • ⇒Calculate a rough estimate of exports and relocation costs
We formulated the basic plan and simulation.
  • ⇒Reporting process and the time and cost in advance of the target country
  • ⇒Reporting simulation after opening balance
  • ⇒Reporting basic plan of hospital departments, scale, and patients
We will conduct the startup hospital in the target country.
  • ⇒Selecting a site of hospital opening
  • ⇒procurement pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, medical materials
  • ⇒Selection of design and construction company, construction management
Dispatch specialists (doctors, nurses, and administrators) from Japan, local doctors will conduct medical training in Japan.
  • ⇒ Prepare dispatch Japanese specialist (doctor, nurse, etc.) to the local
  • ⇒ training for medical technology in Japan, selected local doctors
  • ⇒ local doctors will begin medical training in Japan
We support the management of after hospital opening.
  • ⇒ Performed of marketing to patients
  • ⇒ Accounting and tax support
  • ⇒ Support for staff education